Thursday 05th October 20h30

Friday 06th de October 20h30

Saturday 07th October 18h00/21h00

Sunday 08th October 17h00/20h00

After its successful season in Rialto Theather in Gran Via of Madrid and having been applauded by over 100.000 spectators, MAYUMANA sets off with the "Rumba!" tour planned to visit more than 30 cities. MAYUMANA is the world's most important percussion, rhythm and dance group, whose shows have been applauded by over 8 millions spectators. In their new show "Rumba!", MAYUMANA chose the music by ESTOPA for the soundtrack and narrive thread to offer an overflowing spectacle, performed by an extraordinary cast of artists who sing, dance and play instruments generating the rhytmic and visual miracle which outstands among all of the shows by MAYUMANA.

"Rumba!" is MAYUMANA and SOM Produce co-production. SOM Produce is the production leader of the grand shows such as PRISCILLA, CABARET or BILLY ELLIOT. Highly recommended to everyone.


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