Wednesday November 8  20h30

Thursday November 9  20h30

Friday November 10   18h00/21h00

Saturday November 11   17h00/20h00

Spend the best moment of your life with the best live experience: Dirty Dancing - The classic of cinema now in theater. Full of passion and romance, with music that will raise the rhythm of your heart and spectacularly sensual dances, this musical that has broken records all over the world now reaches Zaragoza, better than ever.

After two full-length seasons in the West End of London and two successful tours throughout the UK, the classic story of Baby and Johnny is presented in Spain with fantastic and memorable songs like "Hungry Eyes", "Hey! Baby "," Do you Love me? "And the classic" (I've had) The Time of My Life ".

In the summer of 1963, the life of the young French "Baby" Houseman is about to change. While vacationing with his parents and his older sister in a luxurious Catskill Mountains hotel in New York, Baby accidentally discovers an unbridled party full of music and dance in the employee area. Fascinated by the provocative dance steps and hypnotic musical rhythms, you can not help but throw yourself into this world, especially after meeting Johnny Castle, the hotel's dance instructor. Baby will become his dancing partner both on stage and outside him: two young spirits who will join in what will be the most challenging and victorious summer of their lives.

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