Feria de Zaragoza

How can I obtain information about participation in an event organized by Feria de Zaragoza?

To obtain the information you can email info@feriazaragoza.es and we will provide you with the information you require.

I`m an exhibitor of an event organized by Feria de Zaragoza. How can I benefit from the discounts on the transport to Zaragoza and accommodation durin

All the information will be sent to the participating companies by the sales department.

When does the staff participating in the fair receive their accreditations?

The accreditations will be available at the customer service points during the assembly of the fair, the assembly period will have it in the information received by the sales department.

Can I connect my devices to the electrical board at my modular stand?

The electrical board is exclusively used to power the spotlights installed at the stand. Moreover, a spare 200 w. socket will be inserted in its proper protective panel, which means it is possible to use it to charge your phone or connect a TV set, but nothing that requires higher power.

How do I calculate the electrical consumption?

For a 25m2 stand at an event that lasts 4 days in the timetable of the event the formula is: 25 x 50 w. x 4 + 1 (day) x 4’4 = 27,50€ For a 50m2 stand at an event that lasts 3 days 24/7 the formula is: 50 x 50 w. x 3+1 (day) x 7,85 = 78,50€.

How many spotlights does one stand include?

Standard types of stands 1A/1B/1C include 300w. spotlights. The formula to know the number of the spotlights that correspond to one stand is the following: the formula for a 50m2 stand: 50m2 x 50w. = 2500 w. / 300 w. = 8 spotlights and one spare 300 w. socket.

Can I change the default carpet in my modular stand?

Yes you can, requesting it by the set deadlines and with an increase of 1,5 m2. You can change any of the colours available on the offer in your request 1A/1B/1C/ or 6, depending on what the exhibitor has contracted.

Can I request furniture made of beech for a white stand or viceversa?

Yes, you can without any problem, provided that they aren’t materials that you will insert in the stand, such as storages, column cabinets or shelves.

Can I nail in the stand?

No you can’t, it is absolutely prohibited. You can use hooks and using fishing line or similar you can hang objects, provided that they aren’t very heavy. If it’s essential to nail, you must choose a wooden stand.

Can I put vinyls on the panels of the stand? Yes,

Yes, you can, provided that the tapes used are removable and they don’t damage the melanin and the stand is left in its perfect condition after the disassembly. The exhibitor or the decorator are responsible for the placement and removal of the material, otherwise an extra charge will be applied.

When an exhibitor requires 24h, does it have to be an independent line?

Yes, it always has to be independent from what the stand includes.

Is it compulsory to request the electrical board with supply?

No, it isn’t. The exhibitor/decorator can provide it, then it will be supervised by the electrical services of Feria de Zaragoza.

When do I have to credit the assembly tax?

As long as the stand is not assembled by the fair, regardless if it’s the exhibitor’s property or a decorator is hired.

Can I request an extension of the assembly?

Yes, you can via the request nº 12, paying the corresponding rate and provided that the circumstances allow it.

I have my own insurance. Do I still have to hire the insurance provided by the fair?

The insurance is obligatory and it protects the place from any incident that might occur. The private insurance protects only the exhibitor belongings, not the area of Feria de Zaragoza. Therefore, it is compulsory to hire the insurance provided by the fair.