SMAGUA, optimistic because 2019 will ratify its international vocation

The Organizing Committee announced in the last meeting, which was held in Madrid, some of the actions that will be carried out in the next month to increase the image of the date as the best reference in Southern Europe

SMAGUA, optimistic because 2019 will ratify its international vocation
The 22th edition of International Water and Irrigation Exhibition, SMAGUA, has a main key goal: To place, from 5th to 7th of February, Zaragoza in the best possition in the European Water calendar. To get this objetive, the fair developes a strategic action planning to grow internationally.

In the last meeting of Organizing Committee, which was held at the headquarters of the company Saint-Gobain, in Madrid, two weeks ago, SMAGUA showed the importance to become in the epicentre of the European water sector, and to renew its leadership role as the door to new markets from North of Africa or Latin America.

In this regard, SMAGUA and the Zaragoza Exhbition Center work to set an international agenda to strengthen the image of the Salon. In the meeting, Zaragoza Exhibition Center General Manager, Rogelio Cuairán, explained the last actions that have been developed to support the content of SMAGUA in the last months. Cuairán explained some proposals between the Organization and the Ministry of Agriculture to include the presence of SMAGUA in the main international forums. Furthermore, Cuairán announced the central government’s interest and support to the show.

On the other hand, SMAGUA Commercial and Marketing Manager, Alberto López, emphasized the importance of the commercial strategy to recover historic companies participation.

López considered that SMAGUA has regained its hegemony in the foreign market. In addition explained the optimistic show current figures with a 26 percent increaese of registered companies with respect to the same dates two years ago.

In this moment, the firms that will be in SMAGUA 2019 come from 18 countries, and all of them show the importance of the exhibition for the international market.

Furthermore, SMAGUA Coordinator, Cristina López provided an overview of a complete programme of activities, which includes conferences, technical information and international meetings. All of these events will attract a great number of companies and proffesionals.

Moreover, explained more details about these programme and spoke about a specific area for Startups. Undoubtedly, the entrepreneurship and innovation constitute a key challenge for SMAGUA as a good channel to develop the technology transfer.

Another important issue will be the celebration of the international Trade Missions Programme, focused on related markets. The Mediterranean Arc, Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe will be the geographical points on which it will be focus on the 2019 edition.

Definitely, all these elements will contribute to boost the image and the weight that, for more than 40 years, have made SMAGUA the most effective fair for the southern European market.