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The Organizing Committee of Enomaq decides, unanimously, to move its celebration to June 2021

The appointment with the wine, olive oil and beer sectors, included in the International Show of Machinery, Techniques and Equipment, which was due to be staged in February, is postponed to offer the best sectorial showcase

The Organizing Committee of Enomaq decides, unanimously, to move its celebration to June 2021
The International Show of Machinery, Techniques and Equipment, which features the appointment for wine, olive oil and beer of Feria de Zaragoza, will hold its forthcoming edition from 29th of June to 1st July in 2021. Following the online meeting of the companies that make up the Organizing Committee of this event, it was decided, unanimously, to move the date – which was initially slated from 9 to 11 February 2021 - for the month of June, with the aim of offering the best response for the sector.

Within the framework of this meeting, it was stressed the importance of moving the dates of the show, in order to contribute to the progress and service to the sector within the context of a necessary economic recovery. Therefore, the current circumstances, as well as aspects related to the free movement of persons and goods between countries or the necessary health guarantees, were scoped out, to decide that the celebration of this edition take place almost five months after the scheduled date.

In this regard, the president of the Organizing Committee, Alfredo Ibisate, expressed his satisfaction with the change of dates proposed by the organization of the show, given that “it responds to a need of exhibitors and visitors, who, due to the pandemic, are not clear about the staging in February”.

For his part, the general manager of Feria de Zaragoza, Rogelio Cuairán, confirmed that the responsibility of the fair institution “is to provide the best response to the sector” and “to promote business, which is our role”.

The Sales and Marketing manager of Feria de Zaragoza, Alberto J. López, underscored the need to adapt to the new contingency plans, since these “change almost every week”. In this sense, he highlighted the good prospects offered by the International Show of Machinery, Techniques and Equipment as, despite this situation, the feedback from the sector is very positive and there is great interest in exhibiting.

For her part, the manager of the show, Cristina López, assessed the commercial evolution of the exhibition to date and highlighted the good rate of registrations received throughout all the months of commercialization. Regarding the booked surface area, it stands above 70 per cent of the closing of the previous edition and made a point of the 27 new companies that have registered for the 2021 edition.

“The strong, mature and expert sector once again demonstrates its support for Enomaq”, stated the manager of the show, who confirmed that the objective must involve “continuing with the sectorization, optimizing the occupation of the halls”.

For the Sales manager of the institution, Alberto J. López, the event is the meeting point for how the sector is re-shaped: “it is and should be a place for analysis”, he laid out. “We want Enomaq to be for companies one of the mainstays around which the economic reactivation of the sector revolves”. López showed his awareness that the internationality of the shows in 2021 “is going to be limited” due to mobility restrictions in many countries. However, he was optimistic about the weight of the agrifood sector, which, as he said, has performed very well during the crisis, with a marked increase in exports, and has responded with professionalism and responsibility.

Another aspect that was discussed during the course of the virtual meeting was the celebration of the 45th anniversary of Enomaq, one of the longest-running shows linked to the wine industry, and which will come under the slogan: “Enomaq, 45 years next to the sector”. To celebrate this milestone, Feria de Zaragoza is organizing various activities and actions that contribute to point out the value of so many years at the service of professionals.

Alberto López disclosed a new fair pillar that was launched a few months ago, as is Feria Zaragoza Digital, whose approach “responds to a digital evolution that we had started at the fairground months ago and which has accelerated with the pandemic”. The purpose of this new project is to offer a 360º platform in which the digital format coexists with that in-person, and both achieve better results. “We must integrate the in-person with the online, although we are clear that the contact between people and brands offers much more synergies from face-to-face formats”. In this regard, Feria de Zaragoza has developed new possibilities of meeting and business for companies and professionals, providing more information between both”, as López concluded.

With regard to security, the Technical manager of Feria de Zaragoza, Jesús Serrano, outlined the creation of safe spaces, in which keeping social distances, capacity control and hygienic-sanitary measures are top priority. “It is essential to promote places where things can be done meaningfully and in a safe way”.

All the participating companies were grateful for the information provided by Feria de Zaragoza, as well as that “the sector had been heard, fulfilling the mission representativeness of the organizing committee”, as stated by Alfredo Ibisate at the end of the event. Thus, next June, the fairground facilities will be the scenario to host three segments that count on important parallelisms among them and that will be part of the great showcase of the agrifood industry present at Feria de Zaragoza.