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What is the FIGAN 2025 Technological Innovations and Improvements Contest?

The FIGAN 2025 Technological Innovations and Improvements Contest is designed to recognise products or services developed by companies in the livestock sector that invest in R&D&I.

The products or services chosen must stand out for their innovation or for the technological improvements they bring by providing solutions adapted to meet the needs of the sector and the market.

The Contest is judged by an independent panel comprised of leading professionals from the sector, who will assess the following factors (among others): practical applicability; benefits related to work performance; improvements to reliability; the economics, ergonomics and safety of human resources and livestock; animal health and/or welfare and biosecurity; business management; and improvements related to energy and the environment.

Consequently, if a product or service is awarded the title of Technological Innovation or Technological Improvement by the panel of leading professionals, this constitutes clear recognition of outstanding work.

The Contest is aimed at exhibitors at FIGAN 2025 and the deadline for submitting applications will close at 23:59 (GMT+2h) on December 16, 2024.


Exhibiting companies may participate in FIGAN 2025, provided that the products and/or services the following requirements:
- It has not been exhibited at any other agricultural show or trade fair in Spain prior to FIGAN 2025.
- It was not commercially available prior to the previous edition of FIGAN (March 2023).
- It offers a significant technological improvement or technological innovation that can be demonstrated by documentary means and genuinely constitutes a qualitative advancement in areas related to production techniques or systems.
- The technological innovation or technological improvement is fully functional and ready to be launched on the market before the next edition of FIGAN. It must also be exhibited at FIGAN 2025.
- It complies with the legislation in force regarding safety, noise emissions, vibrations and electromagnetic compatibility, where these apply to the entry in question.

In addition, they must complete the online form and upload the documentation required at point 5 of the call.