Feria de Zaragoza

The Jury Evaluator of the FIMA 2018 Technical Novelties Contest, decides to GRANT,
in the category of "Powered machines and fixed and mobile installations",
The Denomination:

TECHNICAL NOVELTY for the "Valley® X-Tec™: central drive engine"
presented by VALMONT, S.A.U.

Valley® X-Tec™ central drive motor offering the best combination: Maximum speed for short watering cycles and continuous power to adapt to the most difficult terrain. With the Valley FastPass technology, several daily irrigations can be applied in crops of maximum demand. The alignment technology and the robust DC motor keep the central pivot moving at a smooth and even pace, even in varied terrain. Valley® X-Tec™ operates with up to twice the speed of a high-speed AC Valley central drive motor. The DC motor provides a constant torque over a wide range of speeds.

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VALMONT Valley® X-Tec™: