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Hillcontrol system for AXIS and AXENT twin-disc fertilizer spreaders for working on steep slopes.

The system is a joint development by Rauch and IRSTEA. Using DEM (Discrete Elements Method) simulation, a calculation model has been developed that, depending on the flight characteristics of the fertilizer, the working width and slope, calculates optimal machine adjustments in terms of the location of the falling point of the fertilizer, the amount metered out and travel speed. On each side of the spreader, the effect of the slope on the spreading pattern, depending on the working width and type of fertilizer, is analyzed and the readjustment of the doser, the point of application and, if necessary the disc rotation speed is calculated. Depending on the type of fertilizer and the working speed on the slope, the point of application of the fertilizer on the disc and, as a result, the fertilizer spreading pattern can be changed.  

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