Feria de Zaragoza
From February 14 to 17, ENOMAQ 2017 will once again become an inescapable event for manufacturers, industrialists, exporters, importers, winemakers, fruit producers and other professionals in the wine sector. All of them will be present at Feria de Zaragoza, in the most innovative and expected edition.

Enomaq's prestige as one of the most important Shows in its specialized sector in Europe attracts massively professionals from all over the world: manufacturers, industrialists, importers, exporters, technicians, specialists, wineries, wine growers and producers, Designation of Origin Regulatory Committees, enologists and specialized mass media, who find in Enomaq a comprehensive showcase of the very latest in machinery and technologies applied to the wine and drinks industry in general.

Quality, research into new industrialization techniques, the study of the most modern market and production formulas are all a permanent theme of Enomaq.

ENOMAQ 2017. International Show of Winery and Bottling Machinery and Equipment

Feria de Zaragoza becomes the international reference showcase for the agroalimentary sector with the joint celebration of ENOMAQ-TECNOVID-OLEOMAQ-OLEOTEC and FRUYVER, from 14 to 17 February 2017. The leading machinery in the wine industry is exhibited in This hall, of international stature and reference, in which professionals have an unbeatable opportunity to discover and meet on the spot the main equipment, research projects and technical proposals.

Together with Enomaq, OLEOMAQ, TECNOVID, OLEOTEC and FRUYVER are also celebrated. Both sectors, olive growing and wine, have important synergies with each other, due to the similarity of equipment and processes to produce these products. In addition, among the parallels of these areas stands out its commitment to R & D + i, as indisputable tools to offer profitability and competitiveness to an increasingly demanding market.