Feria de Zaragoza
Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition has meant an authentic sectorial incentive, and in only 18 years or 9 editions of history has set up in an epicenter between manufacturers, shops and distribution. The priority aim of this appointment is to promote a professional space that encourages the business.

Feria de Zaragoza, in a clear challenge to the furniture industry, works to create a scenario that approach the novelties and trends in furniture to the point of sale, thanks to a direct, simple and flexible format. Definitely, an essential event for the market. One of the signs of identity of the Fair is the personalization and the contact with the client through the actions with national and international buyer’s delegations, with an agenda of interviews and common interest, which contributes to the opening of new outside markets. All this actions has a unique aim: to reach the maximum of profitability of the exhibitor in his participation at the exhibition. An exhibition of recognized prestige that has the support of the main associations of the sector.

Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition

FMZ has become the epicenter of activity and business between manufacturers and the sales and distribution channel, and has had the presence of the main brands and purchasing groups in Spain.

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