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MultiRate small-scale metering and distribution system for pneumatic fertilizer spreaders.

The MultiRate metering system allows separate control for each individual outlet manifold. With a working width of 36 m and 30 outlet manifolds, it can control the fertilizer amount separately for each individual outlet. Each manifold can also be turned on and off individually. The air flow required to convey the fertilizer is provided by two turbines. The distributing and metering devices are in 30 separate sections, 15 on the left and 15 on the right of the machine so that the fertilizer can be metered separately in each of the air ducts and transfer from there to the 30 individual outlet manifolds.

Each measuring shaft is driven individually by a 48V BLDC motor with 50 W rated power and 100 W maximum power. Exact control of speed in a range of 5-100 rev/min and of mass flow rate in a range of 0.5-10 kg/min. With a driving speed of 16 km/h and working width of 1-1.2 m per outlet manifold, a fertilizer mass flow rate of 0.5-10 kg/min allows spreading quantities of 1.5-30 g/m² to be measured.  

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