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Valtra N4 and T4 hydraulic assistant.

Hydraulic assistant that automatically provides hydraulic flow to the electronic valves that require it, regardless of whether the tractor is stationary or moving, without affecting the driving speed. The hydraulic assistant is available in all of the Hitech, Active, Versu and Direct versions with electronic valves. The engine revolutions are adjusted when the hydraulic flow is required in each valve. The tractor speed does not change with the increase in revolutions.  


Via de la dos Castillas, 33 Atica 7 (Edifcio 6)
28224 - Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (Spain)


Tel.: +34 917 140 060
E-mail: daniel.franco@agcocorp.com

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Asistente hidráulico Valtra N4 y T4 - fima-2020-valtra-asistente-hidraulico-n4-t4-1
Asistente hidráulico Valtra N4 y T4 - fima-2020-valtra-asistente-hidraulico-n4-t4-2
Asistente hidráulico Valtra N4 y T4 - fima-2020-valtra-asistente-hidraulico-n4-t4-3
Asistente hidráulico Valtra N4 y T4 - fima-2020-valtra-asistente-hidraulico-n4-t4-4
Asistente hidráulico Valtra N4 y T4 - fima-2020-valtra-asistente-hidraulico-n4-t4-5
entrega premio novedad técnica - fima-2020-valtra-1
entrega premio novedad técnica - fima-2020-valtra-2
entrega premio novedad técnica - fima-2020-valtra-3