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DmaX AI-Sense mechatronic modular system for rotary harrow control.

AI-Sense is an additional feature of the IA (Alpego Intelligence) control system comprised by 2 modules:
AI-Guard, to check vital machine and maintenance parameters. AI-Move for centralized management of all machine movements. There is a direct relationship between the refining obtained when working with a rotary harrow and changing certain of its parameters : 1. rotation speed of rotors / 2. work speed / 3. working depth / 4. work load on levelling bar. It is always possible to act on the first 2 parameters (no. 1 and 2) but the AI-Sense system also enables the other 2 parameters (no. 3 and 4) to be changed, significantly optimizing the work experience, preventing unnecessary consumption and simplifiying adjustment manoeuvres.  


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DmaX AI-Sense - fima-2020-aggroup-ai-command-1
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DmaX AI-Sense - fima-2020-aggroup-dmax-3
DmaX AI-Sense - fima-2020-aggroup-dmax-4
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