Feria de Zaragoza
Feria de Zaragoza
Función de contactos de las Apps de Feria de Zaragoza

Thanks to our app, you can quickly and easily check out everything related to the edition of SMAGUA-SPAPER: list of exhibitors, accreditations, technical conferences, interactive plans, news, awards, etc.

But, did you know that it is also a perfect tool for making contacts? You will only have to scan the QR code and the contact will automatically be added to your agenda.

Networking has never been easier!

Contacts function of the Apps of Feria de Zaragoza

Paso 1: Inicia sesión


Login First you need to log in as Exhibitor or Visitor

Open the application and click on Contacts.

On the next screen, you will find your contacts agenda.

Paso 2: Comparte tu contacto

Share your contact

To share your contact details, click on the icon shown in the image.

To add a new contact, press the icon “+”.

Paso 2: Comparte tu contacto

Scan the QR code

There will appear a QR code, which the other person will need to scan with their mobile device.

Paso 4: Contactar


Select any contact from your agenda and write them a comment.

Paso 5: Importar contactos

Import contacts

The highlighted icon will export all your saved contacts into a spreadsheet to be sent by email.


Do not forget to DOWNLOAD the APP of SMAGUA-SPAPER. Explore quickly and easily everything related to the event: list of exhibitors, appointment agenda, accreditations, conferences, interactive plans, news, awards, etc. Available for Android and IOS.