Feria de Zaragoza
Feria de Zaragoza
Nueva App de smopyc 2021

Download the new SMAGUA-SPAPER 2021 App

Dear visitor, we invite you to discover the new Apps for Feria de Zaragoza contests, which include exclusive features for exhibitors.

To be able to identify yourself as a visitor to Smopyc, access the My account section, and from there select the option "LOG IN AS A VISITOR".

Enter the CIF and the password that you used to download your accreditation to LOGIN or register in CREATE ACCOUNT.

Once you have successfully identified yourself, you will be able to access all the App's functionalities.


List of functionalities

  • Contacts: Easily save and share the data of exhibitors and visitors with whom you contact in a single touch using QR codes.
  • Agenda: In order that visitors can make appointments with you, and you can keep fluid communication through the App.
  • Activities: Calendar with the different events, conferences and workshops.
  • Awards and contests: List of participants, the products presented and the classification obtained.
  • Accreditations and tickets: Visitors may get their tickets directly from the App, except for the exhibitor badge.
  • News: All the news related to the show.
Nueva pantalla de inicio

New start screen

Agenda avanzada

Advanced agenda

Nueva pantalla de inicio

Activities Calendar

Tickets y acreditaciones

Tickets and accreditations

Nueva pantalla de inicio


The update is available for iOS versions higher than 8 and Android versions higher than 4.1. Available for smartphones and tablets.