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The Torres Quevedo Award - Machinery New Ideas, is an initiative of SMOPYC, which aims to recognize and encourage the research and creativity of the contestants, while connecting them with companies in the business sector to which they belong.

SMOPYC has proven to be a tool of the first magnitude to strengthen the competitiveness of companies, present all the innovations that exist in the market, serve as a forum for debate on issues of concern to professionals, bring together the activity of the various industry associations and In short, be the engine of development for all firms linked to the machinery of public works and construction.

Therefore, SMOPYC's commitment to this second edition of the Torres Quevedo Award - Machinery New Ideas is undoubtedly the best way to publicize new ideas for products in the public works, mining and construction machinery sector.

The Torres Quevedo Award - Machinery New Ideas, continues with the aim of recognizing and encouraging research and creativity, especially those contributions of wide impact for their originality and theoretical significance.

The Award is aimed at students of Higher Professional Level, University Degree, Master and even Doctorate Degree, who want to contribute, through their participation, totally innovative, different and specific elements relating to the Construction Machinery.

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