By car

Zaragoza is located at the crossroads representing a point of reference in the Spanish road network.

You can access the city through the motorways Madrid, Huesca, Teruel and Valencia, or the highway from Barcelona, Bilbao, San Sebastián and Pamplona.

The Somport Tunnel, which connects Spain with France, enables the entrance to Zaragoza from Europe and facilitates a direct access to the interior of the country.


  • A-2 Zaragoza-Barcelona
  • A-68 Zaragoza-Bilbao


  • A-23 Mudéjar Motorway

National roads

  • N-II Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona
  • N-330 Autovia Levante a Francia across Zaragoza
  • N-232 Santander-Logroño-Zaragoza-Vinaroz


  • Z-30
  • Z-40


  • Parking North: Exit 321 from the A-2, next to the Puente del Milenio.
    Capacity: 600 places (exteriors and free)
  • Parking South: Exit 317a from the A-2
    Capacity: 595 places (exteriors and free)

By train

Zaragoza has been settled as a fundamental point in the peninsular railway network. Therefore, it is possible to reach Zaragoza from practically any point in the Iberian Peninsula.

The city has a new railroad station: La Estacion Intermodal de Delicias, a complete centre on 75 hectares surface. The project also includes a bus station, shopping and business centers and two hotels.

In addition to the other regular lines, a number of AVE trains cover the following routes:

  • Madrid - Zaragoza - Camp de Tarragona - Barcelona
  • Madrid - Zaragoza - Huesca
  • Barcelona - Zaragoza - Ciudad Real - Córdoba - Málaga - Sevilla

Delicias Intermodal Station

Avda. de Navarra, s/n Zaragoza
Information and bookings: 902 240 202

Official website: Renfe

By plane

The airport is located 10 km from Zaragoza, the capital of the Comunidad Autónoma de Aragón. It is possible to obtain useful information: the airport guide, accesses, transport, destinations, departures, arrivals and common questions from its webside

Check the following list of destinations you can reach from Zaragoza.

Zaragoza Airport

Ctra. Aeropuerto, s/n 50190 Zaragoza
Telephone: 976 712 300
Fax: 976 780 624

Official website: Aena


Multitude of bus lines connect Zaragoza with the most functional and important Penisulan cities in different European countries, including Check Republic or Poland, as well as with the Northern African countries such as Morroco.

All of them are centralized in the Delicias Intermodal Station. Thus, this place of the city, next to the railway station, integrates a node of modal exchange that potentiates the transport in the area of Zaragoza.

Delicias Intermodal Station

Avda. de Navarra, s/n Zaragoza
Information and bookings: 902 240 202

Official website: Delicias Intermodal Station

List of companies and destinations: Zaragoza city

 Latitude: 41.66873494 Longitude: -0.90689397