Zaragoza, culture crossroads, meeting of paths and people, a place full of history. An open, welcoming and always advanced city, where cierzo makes its habitants’ characters more tenacious and entrepreneurial.

With almost 700,00 habitants, the capital of Aragon is one of the most modern and comfortable cities in Spain.

Bathed by the Ebro river and its tributaries –Huerva and Gallego- a grand core raises, a core which has experiences history and happenings, offering a rich heritage, the fruit of more than two thousand years of history. Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Jewish and Christians left their trace in the capital, making it worthy the title of the City of The Four Cultures.

A city full of attractions and great communication.

A modern city of Zaragoza, bathed by the Ebro river and its tributaries, the Huerva and the Gallego, opens its doors with a lot of history to tell.

Zaragoza is a modern, welcoming and dynamic city. It features numerous attractions for its visitors, not only in the business and cultural environment but also leisure and shopping, important monuments of diverse styles, museums, theatres, sport areas, innovative trade centres and lively bar areas. One outstanding aspect of the city is its complete network of accommodation of all categories, as well as its cuisine based on diversity and a well-known quality.

A bit of history

César Augusto

Walls, temples, basilicas, palaces, museums and historical streets fill currently the fourth city in Spain with life. Romans, Muslims, Jewish and Christians left their trace in a capital that bustles with life, joy and art. The so called culture crossroads, astonishes everyone with the mixture of people, their lives and cuisine.

Pabellón puente

The best way of discovering and learning the 2.000 years of the history of this city is to have a stroll around its neighbourhoods, along its streets and the old town to discover a pleasant place, where a foreigner is always welcome. Its stately homes are modernist looking, while their squares give them a cheerful aspect. That is Zaragoza, the union of diverse civilisations.


Some of its monuments, such as Basilica del Pilar, la Seo or la Aljaferia, are a must for a visitor. Others, the Expo area and Jose Antonio Labordeta park represent aspects of the city progress and the expansion towards other areas. Without a doubt, the visitors to Zaragoza do not remain indifferent, and if the city does not conquer with its architectonical pieces, it will, with excellent cuisine and a great network of hotels and restaurants.