Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition

Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition takes part in the new “Furniture Club”

The main players in the sector will be in this organism that will take care of the interest of national groups

Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition takes part in the new “Furniture Club”
Zaragoza Exhibition Center believes in the furniture sector as generator of value, in national and international market. Because of that, this institution takes part in the new Furniture Club, which is born to contribute to improve the sector and to be a new important agent in the national habitat industry.

Following this point, as leader in the Iberian Peninsula, Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition joins this initiative in which manufacturers, stores, commercial agents and exhibition institutions are present.

The members of the Group meeting in Barcelona last 3rd of July discussed ways and means to move the process and revealed the situation of furniture and habitat sector. Evolution in the sector is also being driven by changing consumer habits. Because of that, Furniture Club advocate for changes in models and promote the innovation and professionalism of the national market, from origin to final client.

The union of interest of membership works to promote a new future model. It is intended as an integrating project and representative of the habitat sector in Spain.

One of the goals of this new group consist in generating employment and wealth but it also helps diversify the economic structure with guarantees. To sum up, this new organization will design a new roadmap to improve results and will ensure the interest of the industry.